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Packages from Daddy (2016)

Packages from Daddy (2016)

Packages from Daddy (2016)

Packages from Daddy 2016 9 year old Lan and his dad always enjoyed time together in Dads boat art shop One day Lan came home and suddenly found Dad dies Lan is shocked Dad disappears forever Sister never cries and refuses to speak to Mom And Mom insists to prepare a seat for Dad every dinner as if Dad were alive What is worse, Lans classmates often laugh at him Lan starts fighting and running away from school As life gets harsher, he receives a package It is a strange shaped clock which has stopped Dad sent it before he dies Lan visits many stores trying to fix the clock but in vain He hope he will have answer for everything when he eventually solved the mystery of the clock

Genre: Family

Actor: Fann Wong , Lee zen Lee , Fei Sieh

Director: Yin chuan Tsai

Country: Mandarin

Release: 18 Nov 2016

Duration: 97 min

Quality: HD