Torchwood (2006 2011)

Torchwood (2006 2011)

Torchwood (2006 2011)

Torchwood (2006 2011) Captain Jack Harkness, the former Time Agent and con man from the 51st century last seen traveling with the Doctor, ventures to early 21st century Cardiff. There, he becomes a member of Torchwood Institute, a renegade criminal investigation group founded by Queen Victoria to battle hostile extraterrestrial and supernatural threats. This series is set inside a branch of a covert agency called the Torchwood Institute, where dashing commander in chief Capt. Jack Harkness leads Torchwood Three, an ace team of experts, as it investigates unexplained extraterrestrial incidents on Earth. Other members of the team include newest member Gwen Cooper; medical officer Dr. Owen Harper; computer specialist Toshiko Sato; and technician Ianto Jones. Torchwood Three operates independently of the British government, law enforcement groups and even the United Nations.

Genre: Action , Drama , Mystery

Actor: John Barrowman , Eve Myles , Kai Owen

Director: N/A

Country: English

Release: 22 Oct 2006

Duration: 50 min

Quality: HDTV