Penoza (20102017)

Penoza (20102017)

Penoza (20102017)

Penoza (20102017) Penoza takes us to the Amsterdam underworld where we meet drug lord Frans and wife Carmx. After their son, at 10, threatens a child with a gun, Carmen presents Frans with an ultimatum: get out of the criminal life or lose your family. But they end up losing Frans, who's shot dead, leaving Carmen to deal with the debts he leaves behind, not to mention other unfinished business. With a mobster father, Carmen isn't inexperienced in this life, and proves rather adept at coping with the clean-up. Will she be able to walk away?

Genre: Crime , Drama , Thriller

Actor: Monic Hendrickx , Sigrid ten Napel , Stijn Taverne

Director: N/A

Country: English , Spanish , Serbian , Dutch

Release: 12 Sep 2010

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HDTV